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Jean Taylor Burgdorff
How I Built A $2 Billion Real Estate Business Based On The Golden Rule

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"Like the author, the book is genuine and honest. As I turned the pages, I was reminded of what is really important in life and business."
--Myra Terry, President of the Women's Fund of New Jersey

Be prepared to be wowed, enlightened, and touched by the personal journey of one woman who through her generosity of spirit and courage grew a real estate company that ranked 24th nationwide.
-Brenda Casserly, CEO of ERA Franchise Systems, Inc.

"I met Jean about one month ago in Connecticut socially. She was such a great pleasure to converse with along with her friend Barbara. Jean sent me the book on Saturday and I finished reading it on Sunday standing up moving forward believing and applying things I learned from her book and things we already realized were shared in the first place. I can hardly wait to see her again in a few months.
- Michelle P. Shields, Customer Service PSD NLON

"Jean Burgdorff's approach to business is unique and has resulted in a truly fulfilling, successful and abundant life that has positively impacted the lives of millions. Grounded in the Golden Rule - "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or as I like to translate it "do unto others as they would like to be done unto!" - Jean built an incredible corporate culture and real estate business based on core values of honesty, fairness, integrity, respect for the individual. Money was the "reward" for a job well done, not the primary motivator. What a role model for how to achieve true success! You will be inspired by the story she shares in this book.
Dr. Barbara Keller, former Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University

It came. It conquered. It is marvelous! So joyful, so thoughtful--an exposition of the Golden Rule. I loved every minute of reading it and almost felt you were right there beside me.
-Bill Scranton, former Governor of Pennsylvania

In a world where we are constantly being reminded of the obstacles and challenges that face us, Jean Burgdorff has written a book to remind us of what hard work and a positive outlook can accomplish.
--Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of New Jersey

This is one of those books that enfolds you in a giant bear hug, where, in this case, you find yourself in the company of Jean's family, co-workers, fellow spiritual seekers, and friends worldwide. Part personal memoir, part real-estate primer, part spiritual guide (all neatly blended), the book gleams with quotes from famous and not-so-famous writers, and draws on the wisdom of the Bible, which has underpinned Jean's extraordinarily courageous and successful career. No one puts success in a better light than Jean herself when she writes that it comes from "a willingness to turn to a higher source in a childlike way"--which she has consistently demonstrated throughout her life!
--Kim Shippey, international journalist and former BBC news anchor

Jean's book is truly memorable, motivating, energizing and exciting! I have been fortunate to have met this amazing leader, entrepreneur who has built a company that has been helping so many people achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership for 50 years and counting--that is something that I find inspiring everyday. There aren't words to express my appreciation for being able to play a role in that vision today. I have thought for a long time that Jean should share her memories to inspire others and I am so glad that she has provided a tool to do just that!
--Maria T. Rivera, NYS and NJ Certified Real Estate Instructor, Director of Education, Burgdorff Realtors, ERA



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