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Island of Peace in an Ocean of Unrest
The Letters of Dorothy von Moltke
by Catherine R. Hammond




Every extract from Dorothy von Moltke's letters and other source materials have been carefully proofed word-for-word to match the original handwritten documents, which means that misspellings, odd punctuation, and other minor quirks remain for you to see.

We believe that you, as did we, will get to know Dorothy von Moltke as an incisive and caring individual, and will be transported back to her life as a member of Germany's elite society. She describes in these letters to her parents in South Africa the idyllic period leading up to World War I; the descent into the chaos of World War I; the effects of the Treaty of Versailles; the Weimar Government's trials, tribulations, and economic hardships; the Depression; and the drama of Hitler's takeover of Germany.

By the time we finished reading aloud (for proofing purposes) the last letter, written in 1934, not long before Dorothy died suddenly, in 1935, at age fifty-one, we both cried, realizing that she did not know what was about to happen to her beloved adopted country and to her five children during World War II.

Part Two of this book gives a glimpse of the Moltke family's spiritual status, including their religious activities, and the values that Dorothy and Helmuth instilled in their eldest son, Helmuth James von Moltke.

The letters reveal how Dorothy and Helmuth taught their children the liberal values that led their most famous son, Helmuth James, to found the anti-Nazi Kreisau Circle, for which he was hanged in January 1945. The Moltkes' idealism is perpetuated today in the Kreisau Foundation for European Understanding on the family's former estate, where young people now learn the art of waging peace.

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