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The Long Way Around
From Oslo to New York Via the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1940 and 1941

by Alan Baldwin



Caught behind enemy lines, gentleman and ITT electrical cable engineer Alan Baldwin travels by ship, plane, and train through seven countries.

It is 1940, and Germany and Great Britain are at war. Author Alan Baldwin, a British citizen working in Norway for ITT, becomes an enemy alien trapped by the German occupation and wonders how, and if, he will ever get home. A sense of danger, offset by vivid details of his day-to-day life, permeates the story of his journey, first to neutral Sweden, then across Soviet Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. A dangerous sea voyage brings him to Japan, where a surreal interlude finds him skiing with a party of Germans. Another harrowing sea voyage brings him to Vancouver, Canada, where he is thrown into an internment prison. After his release, another train journey, across Canada, brings him to ITT headquarters in New York. He has traveled almost around the world in 534 days and still hasn't made it home to Britain.
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. ISBN # 978-1-891331-40-4
296 pages,
12 photos, 6" x 9", trade paperback
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Sample Chapter: Chapter 19

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