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Frederic Hunter
Abe and Molly: The Lincoln Courtship


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-- Jacket copy - 278 words:

When Abraham Lincoln courted Mary Todd, she called him Mr. Lincoln. He called her Molly. Poverty, lack of self-confidence and polish, and a backwoods upbringing, all stood in his way. He was a self-taught young lawyer, plagued with debts and a timidity around women. She was of aristocratic background, highly educated, witty and vivacious-all the things Abe was not. Everyone in Springfield, Illinois, thought them badly matched.

Frederic Hunter, in this highly entertaining novel, imaginatively conjures the "hidden" history of Abe and Molly's courtship. Hunter's novel soars as he catapults us through the surprising and at times turbulent personal relationship of this most famous American couple. Imagined in the greatest detail from the existing historical record, Abe and Molly's lives unfold across the pages as they discover their love in frontier America of the late 1830s.

'Abraham Lincoln's courtship of and marriage to Mary Todd has been the subject of numerous myths, controversies and mysteries. Was there a formal engagement between them that Lincoln broke, did he fall into a deep depression after doing so, what was the 'fatal 1st of January 1841' did he really love her or marry her only because of guilt at breaking the engagement, was their relationship as stormy as portrayed by some historians? Frederic Hunter's "Abe and Molly," a sensitive novel based on genuine research, offers convincing speculations and plausible answers to these questions. All readers interested in the Lincolns will find this book a pleasure to read." --James M. McPherson

For history connoisseurs: the author includes a special section at the end of the novel with extensive notes about the historical sources used for this story and why he interpreted and


-- About the Author

Frederic Hunter served as a foreign service officer of the United States Information Service in Brussels, Belgium, and at Coquilhatville and Bukavu in the ex-Belgian Congo. He covered sub-Saharan Africa as a foreign correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor. Later he wrote screenplays for film and television, including Lincoln and the War Within for PBS, which triggered his interest in the Lincoln courtship. His writings include The Hemingway Play and Africa, Africa!, a collection of fifteen stories. He and his wife Donanne have a website spanning fifty years of experiences in Africa.